Why Support SCLT?

Support the Work of Sawmill Community Land Trust

No matter how much you have to give, there are many ways to support the mission and work of Sawmill Community Land Trust.

As a 501c3 nonprofit organization, we rely on generous support from people like you to help us meet the pressing need of providing affordable workforce housing for families in Bernalillo County. Your support, when combined with others’, can truly make a difference.

Voting Member: Want to actively participate in the organization? Then, this level of participation is for you. Voting Members must attend a one-time orientation prior to exercising their voting powers. For more information and a form to join as a Voting Member, click here.

Donor Supporter*: Just want to give? Your generous donation will help support the work of Sawmill Community Land Trust and will be put to use immediately on our highest priority needs. Click here to donate.

Planned Giving: You don’t need cash to make an impact. There are many ways to support Sawmill Community Land Trust. You can also give real estate, leave a request to SCLT in your will or give securities. Contact our Executive Director to learn more about the tax benefits of these types of donations.

Corporate Sponsorship: Sawmill Community Land Trust is proud to partner and collaborate with other organizations, corporations and foundations to further our mission. Many thanks to these partners!

Want to be a part of our work? Contact our Office Manager to learn more.

*Only donations for which no goods or services are received are tax deductible.