Cheap vs Affordable Housing

Cheap vs. Affordable Housing

According to the on-line dictionary, Wiktionary, the word cheap means 1. Low and or reduced in price; 2. Poor quality; or 3. Of little worth. Conversely, the definition for affordable is: 1. Something than can be afforded.

At Sawmill Community Land Trust, we are committed to building quality, attractive, energy efficient housing that is affordable. We understand how important it is to feel good about where you live and to be able to take pride in your home. We understand the value of a well-kept, attractive neighborhood that includes amenities such as a large playground, plaza, dog park and community gardens to help build social connections.

Sawmill Community Land Trust’s housing may not be expensive - - but it is NOT cheap. We are committed to quality construction, energy efficiency and environmental sustainability in all of our projects. Our residents deserve the best that we can offer.